Embracing Artistic Creativity as an

Aid for Mental Health

When it comes to art I had always been someone who settled on stick figure family portraits created with equal parts the color from my pencils and the smudges from my eraser. I saw art as a talent to perfect rather than what I see it as now, which is a multifaceted tool that I can use to help cope with everyday stress and emotions. Within the last few months I have been fortunate enough to discover for myself that art is vast not only in terms of mediums and outcomes, but also in the support that it can provide for individuals struggling with mental health.

For me, embracing artistic creativity can even be as simple as dedicating a few minutes a day to filling in a page in my favorite coloring book. Yet it can also be as complex as challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and attempting to paint the landscape near my favorite walking trail or the fresh bowl of fruit on my kitchen counter. Whether it is with a crayon, makeup brush, camera, or even your own fingers dipped in acrylic paint, I hope that you too can find the joy and relaxation in creating your own masterpiece!

In an attempt to spread my message further I have provided a few of my favorite ideas for embracing artistic creativity!


    • Use an art medium that you’ve always wanted to try
    • Take a pottery class
    • Browse Pinterest for ideas
    • Follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial on YouTube
    • Recreate an artwork you did when you were younger
    • Use air dry clay to make miniature clay pieces for your home
    • Upcycle an article of clothing or piece of furniture into something brand new
    • Sidewalk chalk
    • Finger painting!!

Leslie BahenaWritten by Leslie Bahena.

Through her work as a behavioral health intervention specialist, her goal is to provide children of all ages with strategies and tolls that they can use to navigate everyday situations. Leslie focuses on the importance of creating a comfortable environment and positive relationship with her clients.