You Need a Counselor Podcast

You Need a Counselor is a podcast designed for people curious about counseling but who have barriers keeping them from experiencing the benefits of counseling. Our mission is to share stories about counseling good, bad, indifferent and spread the message that everyone can benefit from mental health and behavioral health counseling services.

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Resources from our Guests


by Aaron Lebold


by Adrienne Maclain, PhD

Release Your Masterpiece

by Adrienne Maclain, PhD

Freeing Your Heart for Love

by Lorrine Patterson

Chemo Muscles

by Renee A. Exelbert, PhD

Son of a Basque

by Deborah Driggs

Wrestling Depression Is Not For Wimps

by Skip Mondragón M.D

Sixteen Days

by Victoria Wilson-Crane

The Beginning is Sh*t

by Suzanne Culberg

Mind Matters

by Tanya J. Miller

Things My Mama Said

by Tanya J Miller

A Right Mind Matters

by Tanya J Miller

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