Heart and Solutions team members offer mental health counseling and behavioral health counseling support to individual adults, children, couples, and families at our seven office locations. We partner with community school locations to provide therapy services in the schools or through telehealth. Behavioral Health Intervention services (BHIS) are available for children ages four to eighteen at the office, in school and right in the comfort of your own home. Telehealth counseling services are available for therapy or for BHIS by phone or computer.

Therapy Services

Therapy at Heart and Solutions is, at its core, personal centered and strength based.  As a strength-based counseling agency, our team is well practiced at seeking, identifying, highlighting and building on the strengths of our clients and their families.  Because we are person-centered as our base, we believe that every client has their own healing solutions within them.  To bring these internal healing solutions to the surface, our team provides the necessary components of empathy, validation and unconditional positive regard. 

We believe that these three components are the sunlight, water, and soil to a seed’s ability to sprout, bloom and thrive.  Therapy is a safe space with a supportive counselor who is on your side and wants to support you in your individualized journey of healing and growth!  Therapy does not make you whole or “fix,” you, it provides the space and opportunity for you to become the beautiful version of yourself that you were always meant to be.

Behavioral Health Intervention Services

Not even the greatest writers and speakers were born with communication skills.  The best negotiator on the planet was born with no conflict resolution skills at all and no human has ever been born knowing how to regulate their emotions or choose productive behaviors. At Heart and Solutions, we believe that none of us are born with the anger management, emotional identification and expression, conflict resolution, listening, following directions, aggression reduction skills expected of children and adults.  

The only way that any human gets competent at any of these skills is through role modeling and opportunity to practice and succeed at the skill.  This is where BHIS is beneficial and often necessary.  If a child is having difficulty following directions at school, we do not believe this is a “bad,” or “naughty,” child.  We believe that this is a child getting their needs met through less productive techniques.  We believe that given the role modeling, opportunities to practice and succeed at the skill, any child is able to build this skill and so many others necessary for success as an adult.  

BHIS counselors can meet with children ages 4-18 and their families in-home, at school or in the office.  We provide opportunities to practice and build these skills in the form of games, art activities and service projects.  Our BHIS counselors utilize the 7 Cs of Resilience to build these skills in the children we support.