You Need a BHIS Provider Like Lesli!

This week Julie and Chrissa are joined by Lesli Hill, a gardening guru, court appointed special advocate, and BHIS counselor at Heart and Solutions. Listen in as we do a deep dive into what Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) really are and what sessions with Lesli look like.

BHIS is a free service for all children with Iowa Medicaid. To get started and talk with a provider, call Heart and Solutions at (800) 531-4236.

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You Need a Counselor is a podcast designed for people curious about counseling, but who have barriers keeping them from experiencing the benefits of counseling.  Our mission is to share stories about counseling good, bad, indifferent, and spread the message that everyone can benefit from mental health and behavioral health counseling services.

Lesli-HillLesli Hill

It is my desire to help children and families thrive in their environment through activities focused on resilience. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with families, identify goals and find creative solutions to promote optimal functioning in everyday life.