Theater and Play

This week on the show, Julie and Chrissa are joined by Kendra Gliem, a BHIS provider and supervisor with Heart and Solutions. To her job, Kendra brings a background of theater performance and theater for youth. In this episode, you’ll hear how she transfers those skills and concepts to behavioral health.

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Kendra GliemKendra Gliem

Kendra first graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Theater: Performance and Theater for Youth in the spring of 2017 from UNI. She has since been using her degree to help children and adults with varying abilities express themselves creatively, both in a theater setting and in classroom settings. She recently went back to UNI to receive her Psychology degree with a Mental Health minor after realizing she wanted to do more for children’s mental health while continuing to incorporate the arts within her work. Kendra is looking forward to being able to use her experience and creative side to help children and their families create strong bonds while reaching their goals. She can’t wait to get started as a BHIS provider in Waterloo!