Summer Mental Health Bucket List

I believe it’s a common misconception, that for the sole reason of it being Summer, we’re supposed to be rays of happiness. That we should be ‘living our best life’.

For some, Summer brings out images of sunshine and carefree memories. However, for others, that’s not their reality and feelings of depression, stress and anxiety don’t disappear just because the calendar hits June.

Because of this, I’ve put together a ‘Summer Mental Health Bucket List’ to inspire you to stimulate your mind and body this Summer and help you build new habits to ward off those unwanted feelings, year round.

Summer Mental Health Bucket List:

1. Socialize with your Support Network (or bonus: a friend or family member you haven’t seen in awhile)

  • Do this by planning a lunch, barbecue, weekend getaway, walk through town, campout, etc. to continue to foster healthy relationships and a feeling of togetherness with those people who are important to your support network!

2. Enjoy seasonal activities!

  • It’s important to stay in the present moment when in the midst of a bout with mental health. Since it’s Summer, what better way to stay present in the season/moment than to go hiking, take a trip to the local pool, plan an outing on the river tubing with friends or to the city park for a grill out and a game of bean bag toss with family!

3. Plan weekly relaxation time – and yes, there is time for YOU!

  • This one might sound like a lot of work or maybe even impossible to do, but setting aside time for yourself is crucial in maintaining a healthy balance. Even if for only 10 minutes, find time to do something you enjoy: read a book, take a hot bath, go for a run, try a new craft, etc. YOU are important too!
  • Bonus: during this time, treat yourself with kindness, respect and avoid self-criticism! Practice positive self-talk and give yourself at least 1 complement (extra bonus points for every extra positive statement or thought about yourself)!

4. Try something new!

  • When stuck in a routine, life can feel repetitive and boring – then negative thoughts/feelings can start to set in. So why not mix it up? It’s important to try new activities to   s p i c e   it up a bit from time to time! Learning new skills or participating in a fun, new adventure stimulates your brain and shakes up your routine. Stuck on coming up with new ideas? Try one of these: play a game of frisbee golf, create your own board game, make a new recipe, test out your green thumb and grow a garden (even if it’s in a cup in your window), etc.

Brittany_WeidmanBrittany Weidman

In BHIS sessions, as well as through the supervision I provide to others, I encourage a space for clients to feel comfortable expressing themselves in healthy and creative ways! As a provider, I place a strong emphasis on skills training to establish positive relationships, strong communication and coping skills and mindfulness strategies to assist clients in progressing both independently, and as a part of their family or peer systems. To achieve this, I use a variety of interventions to meet my clients where they feel most comfortable, to make the most progress – whether it be through learning and implementing exercises in: artistic expression, building/hands on projects, journaling, outdoor activities/connection to their environment, competitive games, storytelling and story-creation, deep breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation, etc. I do all of these things in the school and home environments to bring together all areas of the client’s life, to ensure I provide consistent and total care!