Heart and Solutions is excited to announce a new partnership with Foundation 2 and their J-FAST program! 

Foundation 2 is a nonprofit human service agency that provides crisis prevention and intervention for a variety of individuals. Foundation 2 is committed to promoting positive youth development, suicide prevention, and safe community development. One of the many services that Foundation 2 provides is their Juvenile and Family Assistance and Stabilization Track (J-FAST).

J-FAST is a part of Foundation 2’s Mobile Crisis Outreach program that works with Linn County families of youth (ages 5-17) at risk of hospitalization, committal, or residential placement. This program is designed to help parents or school staff when youth are struggling with mental health concerns, substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, or violent behaviors.

As a partner with Foundation 2, Heart and Solutions is able to provide outpatient therapy services to youth and families who access J-FAST and Mobile Crisis Outreach services and join Foundation 2’s mission to create safe communities!