Mental health plays a role in everyone’s daily lives. Mental health involves our emotional and social well-being, which affects how we all think and act. Our mental health also determines how we handle different stressors in our daily lives and the decisions we all make.

Someone with positive mental health may be able to deal with various stressors through different coping skills they have developed throughout life. These stressors could include anything from waking up with a sick child, being fired from work, or losing a loved one to cancer.

Those who have developed good coping skills may handle these stressors by taking several deep breaths, participating in yoga, or seeing a counselor/therapist on a regular basis. Even though millions of individuals, both adults and children, suffer from mental health disorders, many do not seek treatment from mental health professionals.

There are many potential consequences to not seeking help from mental health professionals. Through working with Heart and Solutions, LLC, several of the consequences I have seen with my adolescent clients include skipping school due to anxiety, choosing to vape underage in order to relieve stress, or self-harm. These potential consequences are why counseling and therapy are important and can be life-altering.

Counseling through Heart and Solutions, LLC not only helps clients develop different healthy coping skills giving them positive techniques to deal with stressors, but it also gives them consistency, which is often undervalued. Many children do not have consistency in their lives. This could be because their parents choose to not be involved in their lives or the children were taken away from their homes and placed elsewhere. Heart and Solutions, LLC is making a large impact on the lives of our clients by giving them positive ways to handle different stressors as well as being a consistent and safe person in their life.

Post by Alexa Jans