Coping with Anxiety


Anxiety. What comes to mind when you hear the word? Worries, nerves, caution, perhaps terrifying?

People in today’s world suffer from some type of form of anxiety. Some have the ability to cope with their anxiety, while others may need some extra techniques or medication to help manage those unwanted feelings. The one thing to be 110% aware of is everyone has some form of anxiety.

These feelings shape the person we are, and who we become. They affect our lives and the choices that we make.  Anxiety doesn’t have to be scary, it helps us anticipate obstacles we may face, stay focus and organized, and we can remain cautious, and optimistic about the future. This is what normal anxiety is, a short term feeling. Though if you struggle with long-term anxiety, there are coping skills that could prove helpful.

Professionals often talk about common coping skills: anything from music, spending time with friends, reading, writing, dancing in the rain, to yoga and meditation. What seems to be overlooked is if you already have a hobby or a specific interest in something. Those things could be used as coping skills.

For example, when I have really high anxiety I will stop what I’m doing and I will plan a trip or work on a trip I’m already going on and focus on the itineraries for that trip or the budget for that trip. This may not be a common coping skill, but it helps ground me and keep me focused. For other people, it could be breathing exercises, ASMR videos, horseback riding, exercise, graphic designing and the list goes on.

If you choose to do something you enjoy or something you’re good at, this may help ease those anxious feelings that come your way.  Anxiety doesn’t have to be scary, it’s a part of life and as Walt Disney has stated “Why Worry?, If you’ve done the best you can, worrying won’t make it any better”. 


Courtney-HedemanWritten by Courtney Hedeman.

Courtney lives in Northeast, IA, though moved here from South Dakota back in 2010. Courtney graduated from Kee High School, then pursued her Associates of the Arts Degree from NICC in Human Services from their, she continued her education at Upper Iowa University and earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Services with a Minor in Sociology. Courtney loved Upper Iowa so much that she went back and is now currently working on her Masters of Science in Counseling in Mental Health. Courtney has experience working with people with intellectual disabilities and experience in the crisis field. She is excited to start her BHIS journey and learn new skills and gain more knowledge. In her free time, Courtney spends time with her husband and their three kids, their doggies, and her friends. She loves to cook, travel, read and watch TV/Movies. Fun Fact- Courtney absolutely loves Disney and Ariel is her favorite princess.