Take the Time to Celebrate the Small Wins

I’ve always been a glass half full type of person. Seeing the good in a difficult situation can make a huge difference. I’m not perfect, but I try to shine some light anyway I can. As we get older we tend to stop noticing the little things more. It’s sad to say, because in my opinion the little things is what got us to where we are now and a lot of people tend to forget that detail.

Before, I mentioned being a glass half full type of person, so I have pretty much always have recognized the little things in life. But when I had the honor of meeting my son, that perspective of my life changed.

My son is Autistic and was non-verbal for the first 5 years of his life. Being a first time mom, plus adapting to your child being Autistic makes you look at things differently. I had to figure out ways to help my child’s day run smoothly while also teaching him the basic skills. I saw that making the little tasks seem really important to my son helped him to understand certain things better.

For example, when he was younger I made a really big deal out of picking up toys. When I say big deal, I went over the top with excitement, such as clapping, smiling, and dancing, when he would pick up a toy and put it away. By the way, this also worked with potty training lol.

He would see me get excited and then he would get even more excited than I was. All your child wants is your love and attention. So he would purposely put his toy away just to see me get excited and I would do just that.

He is 8 now, and getting excited about the little things still works. Now he even gets excited about things like homework, figuring out a level on his game system, brushing his hair the correct ways etc. I love every bit of it, I even egg him on by cheering for him.

The point of me telling you how I got to taking the time to celebrate the small wins in life is it’s never too late to start. Being a glass half full type of person is great but taking the time to celebrate YOU is very rewarding. So be excited you lost 2lbs, be excited you washed the car, be excited to eat your favorite meal, be excited your credit score went up, be excited you got the kids to bed by 8 pm, be excited you didn’t burn down the house cooking, be excited your child didn’t have any meltdowns, be excited for the little wins in general.