Learning to Say ‘Yes’

This week Julie and Chrissa are joined by Kyla Jo, a Heart and Solutions BHIS Counselor out of our Ames office. With a background in psychology and criminal justice, Kyla is passionate toward the intersectionality of mental health and the justice system.

Prior to working with Heart and Solutions, Kyla worked in a residential treatment facility as a youth specialist, BHIS group facilitator, and intake specialist.

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You Need a Counselor is a podcast designed for people curious about counseling, but who have barriers keeping them from experiencing the benefits of counseling.  Our mission is to share stories about counseling good, bad, indifferent, and spread the message that everyone can benefit from mental health and behavioral health counseling services.

Kyla-DevilbissWritten by Kyla Devilbiss on October 1, 2022.

In my role as a BHIS Counselor, I strive to help my clients and their families improve their quality of life through helping them build their current strengths as well as develop new skills. My main objective is to empower youth to make decisions that will help them to lead a healthier, happier life through supporting their individual interests/personality and focusing on reinforcing positive feelings/behaviors. I am passionate towards creating an environment that is supportive, goal-oriented, and engaging to work with clients/families on making progress towards their goals while having FUN!