Life with Bipolar II

Joining the show this week is Ruth Gladwyn-Nash, a BHIS Counselor at Heart and Solutions serving the Ames, Ankeny and Waukee communities. While pursuing her degree in English from Iowa State University, Ruth found herself in a mental health crisis which resulted in a Bipolar II diagnosis. She has since found that her own mental health struggles have only helped her work more effectively with children struggling with their own mental health and behaviors. 

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Written by Ruth Gladwyn-Nash on April 16, 2023.

Ruth graduated from Iowa State University in 2020 with a degree in English with a heavy emphasis on Secondary Education. During her time at ISU, Ruth worked with kids ages 5-15 at a PMIC facility to support and guide them to build futures of hope. She provided daily group and individual BHIS skill sessions with her clients and helped provide structure and safety as they went about their daily schedule. Ruth wants to help others take their current strengths and abilities and enhance and build upon them while learning and developing new skills. She is passionate about connecting with others in authentic relationships and creating supportive, inclusive, positive spaces where everyone can flourish as they walk on this path of life together.

Get to know Ruth a little better.

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