Heart and Solutions Offers Telehealth!

If the COVID-19 pandemic makes you feel grief, depressed, anxious, numb, scared, and numerous other emotions you’re in the right space.

Stress from this outbreak can look like worry and fear about you and your loved ones’ health, difficulty concentrating or sleeping, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, worsening mental and chronic health problems, and/or the increase of use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs. There is no “normal” way to feel now as our minds and bodies try to process this new scenario. Routines have been disrupted, plans have been canceled, and no one is quite sure when we can attempt to return to our “normal”.

Not only are you attempting to navigate through this, but, if you have kids, they’re also trying to figure things out. This can look like increased negative behaviors such as flying off the handle, anger, lack of focus, trouble sleeping, negativity, over-planning, defiance, and/or avoidance. You deserve support, always, especially now. But how do you get the support you want or need with the new restrictions suggested for flattening the curve and staying healthy?

Did you know that telehealth therapy by phone or online is likely free to you right now? Many insurance companies including BCBS, United, Medicaid, and Medicare are covering mental health telehealth sessions with no out of pocket cost to you for these needed services.

Heart and Solutions is still open and offering telehealth sessions for both behavioral health intervention services (BHIS) and therapy through Doxy. Doxy is a super easy program to use and can be accessed with either your smartphone or computer.If you’re interested in telehealth services and are not a current client, give us a call at 1-800-531-4236 to get set up today! Nothing is more important than your mental health!


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Written by on April 15, 2020.

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